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Indextus is a financial data services company, specialising in mixed asset indices for investment professionals.

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Indextus Data Watch is our regularly updated comments on the changing information underpinning our indices.


Our financial indices connect investment professionals across the financial industry. The clients we serve challenge us to deliver new and innovative solutions for their businesses and often in collaboration with each other.


Indextus® technology is unique. Developed in-house at Indextus, it was designed to be statistically robust but sufficiently flexible to address a range of mixed asset benchmarking challenges.


An ongoing knowledge hub for those wanting a more in-depth look at who we are, what we do, and how.

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We work hard to ensure our indices meet the standards expected of them, now and into the future. This forms a core focus for both our business integrity and leadership.

Trademarked as Indextus®, our three-step risk technology is used to generate a range of core and tailored mixed asset indices. The system is updated monthly to monitor ongoing integrity and report on changes. More in-depth analytics are also generated, creating an ongoing record of how mixed asset funds, in aggregate, are positioned across the volatility spectrum.

The Indextus® three-step approach

1 - Collate

Raw asset allocation weights from active mixed asset funds are sourced direct from fund managers. This information is collated and structured by Indextus. The system then applies several statistical techniques, including non-linear regressions and dynamic data smoothing to ensure the information underpinning our systems are reliable and robust.

2 - Generate

Risk ranked categorisations are calculated from the aggregated data. The resulting allocations are then re-based for consistent comparison. Users of our systems can therefore be confident in their accuracy and timeliness.

3 - Allocate

A full covariance matrix risk methodology is employed to order each set of asset class allocations by their overall portfolio volatilities. This allocation process generates a spectrum of multi asset indices from lower to higher levels of risk and can be used to generate bespoke indices to meet particular client requirements.

Indextus® allows us to generate mixed asset indices for any point on the risk spectrum. Its structure provides the safeguard of being independent, objective and systematic ensuring the data's integrity. Built around actual aggregated fund manager holdings and using tradeable underlying constituents, our indices also support investable portfolio structures. More in-depth information regarding the Indextus® technology and our indexing methodology is available on request from contact@indextus.com or through our enquiry form.

Innovation requires input. That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and strive to enhance the Indextus® technology to meet the challenges they face. To be part of that growth get in touch using our enquiry form or e-mail contact@indextus.com