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Indextus is a financial data services company, specialising in mixed asset indices for investment professionals.

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Indextus Data Watch is our regularly updated comments on the changing information underpinning our indices.


Our financial indices connect investment professionals across the financial industry. The clients we serve challenge us to deliver new and innovative solutions for their businesses and often in collaboration with each other.


Indextus® technology is unique. Developed in-house at Indextus, it was designed to be statistically robust but sufficiently flexible to address a range of mixed asset benchmarking challenges.


An ongoing knowledge hub for those wanting a more in-depth look at who we are, what we do, and how.

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We work hard to ensure our indices meet the standards expected of them, now and into the future. This forms a core focus for both our business integrity and leadership.

Indextus offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions through its ‘aggregate’ indexing approach. Mixed asset indices and the risk targeting capabilities of the Indextus® technology offer core and tailored options. As indices impact a wide array of investment professionals, our capabilities interest a number of client segments.

1 - Fund selectors and financial advisers

Looking to compare, contrast and choose active mixed asset solutions for your clients?

The Indextus series of indices offers an industry standard to benchmark against. Monthly data, is free to access from the Resources page. And remember, the more you ask fund managers to benchmark against our indices, the more robust your suitability testing becomes.

2 - Asset Allocators

Positive or negative on an asset class, but want to know your holding has the power to make a real difference to your portfolio?

Our proprietary risk modelling technology is based on a five segment risk categorisation approach. Any investment can be graded into one of the categories - Adventurous, Bold, Neutral, Cautious or Defensive. This allows for consistency across portfolio analytics against peers or benchmarks.

3 - Fund providers

Are your funds outperforming our benchmarks? Do you want to show how your portfolios are actively positioned against your competitors?

Differentiate yourself from your peers and shout about it in your marketing and performance literature by using our indices. Indextus can also tailor benchmarks to directly reflect your offering. To find out more e-mail contact@indextus.com or use our enquiry form.

No matter how you use mixed asset indices they are a complex area of investment management. Working with them effectively demands insight and experience. At Indextus, we work with a range of clients including leading financial companies to create and deliver bespoke solutions. To discover more about our indices and how they can be tailored to your business needs complete our enquiry form or e-mail contact@indextus.com.