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Indextus offers investment solutions and consultancy covering both insight and oversight of mixed asset portfolios for investment professionals in the UK.

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Indextus Data Watch is our regularly updated comments on the changing information underpinning our risk models.


The clients we serve challenge us to deliver new and innovative solutions for their businesses and often in collaboration with each other.


Indextus® technology is unique. Developed in-house at Indextus, it was designed to be statistically robust but sufficiently flexible to address a range of mixed asset benchmarking challenges.


An ongoing knowledge hub for those wanting a more in-depth look at what we do and how.

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We work hard to ensure our data meets the standards expected of it. This forms a core focus for both our business governance and leadership.

Drawdown Scenario Planner

A free-to-access tool helping financial advisers discuss income drawdown planning, sequence risk and the use of multi-pot investing with their clients.


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